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The 7 Steps to a Stellar Trainer Matrix

So that you can:


Access Vivacity's Trainer Matrix Template, that has been through over 300 ASQA Audits

Take the stress out of writing your own Trainer Matrix, get the experts on your side

Walk away from the training with a completed Trainer Matrix

Gain the skills you need to map your direct equivelant, non-equivelent and higher level training products

Total Investment: $150 +GST

BONUS: Stellar Trainer Scorecard

Discover Your Stellar Trainer Score

Benchmark your skills, knowledge and experience as a Trainer and Assessor against the Stellar Trainer Scorecard

Access this Scorecard for FREE, when you register for this Masterclass.

The Trainers Matrix is often the most non-compliant at audit

In the majority of non-compliances, this is due to the Trainers skills and knowledge not being properly mapped to the training product. 

In 6 hours you will learn:

Skills and Knowledge

How to map your existing skills and knowledge against the units of competency

Training and Assessment

How to apply your training and assessment competency to the matrix

Vocational Competency

Identify the critical skills and knowledge that you posses to meet the unit requirements

Experience + Qualification

Mapping your industry experience to the qualification.

Industry + VET Currency

Identify the relevant industry experience and your VET currency to be placed into your Trainers Matrix

Professional Development

What to include as your Professional Developement and currency within the VET sector

Verify certifications

The process for getting your qualifications and PD verified so that it is compliant

What Our Clients Say

Kylie Jordan

“The Vivacity team are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We recently added a course to scope and with Amanda’s experience, expertise and guidance we felt prepared. The team was extremely helpful through the process and We launched our newest course with complete confidence." 

Christine Chittenden 
 Transformational Institute

"I cannot recommend this business more highly. Their membership is outstanding, they freely give help, training and information. They went above and beyond to help my business keep up to date and compliant at all times. Thanks to the Vivacity team." 

Simone Rennocks 
Australian Quality Training Institute

"Compliance has never been so clear and easy to understand. Highly recommend Vivacity "

This training is like no other for the Training Industry, as it is business training specifically for Registered Training Organisations, using your lingo and incorporating the latest trends within the training industry.


Founder + CEO of Vivacity Coaching & Consulting

Experienced Trainer and Assessor

Attended over 300 ASQA Audits

Reviewed over 1000 Trainers Matrix

30+ years experience in the training industry

Coach, Consultant and Trainer

Only $150 +GST


To create profitable training organisations, that are meeting the current and future industry and community training needs. We provide systems, practices and training needed to empower our clients to achieve more than they ever imagined possible, so that together we can provide quality education around the world.